Top 10 Literary Cities

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by Daniela Corrado

If you’re a heavy reader hoping to visit one of the world’s top 10 literary cities, take a look at this new list from National Geographic Traveler! 😉

Edimburgh, Scotland -which has inspired more than 500 novels- tops the list followed by the Irish capital Dublin, where you can walk the same path of the famous Joycean character Leopold Bloom or visit the Dublin Writers Museum. From Dublin (No.2), take a plane to London (No.3) and then the Chunnel over to Paris (No.4). Sit down for a coffee break in a prestigious literary Café, and then move quickly to St. Petersburg, Russia (No. 5). Remember: it’s not a tour for those who doesn’t love good writing and books! Continue the trip going to Stockholm, Sweden (No.6), to see places depicted in Stieg Larsson’s bestselling crime novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and finally reach U.S. with number 7 and 8 of the list. Are you intrigued to know how the list ends? Click the link on this post and go on reading! If you’re not satisfied of the top 10 made by National Geographic Traveler, you can always make your own list. 😉 In my list, for example, at the hightest position you’d surely find an Italian city like Florence or Rome.

Good reading and don’t forget to give your opinion suggesting a new list. 🙂

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